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Robin Biznis Decenber 10.2019 Belgrade, Serbia

In this quiz, you have questions from different fields that are taught in primary school. Some of them are common knowledge again.So I believe there will be plenty of members with many correct answers.As always, choose one of the three answers provided.Perhaps the translation of some of the words has not been properly translated into English.But if the name is known, please do not comment on it as my fault.If you know the question it’s okay.Vice versa.Anyway, I wish you some good fun.Good luck.

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    What chemist discovered and presented the structural formula of Benzene in 1865?

    • Michael Faraday
    • Friedrich Kekule ger.Friedrich August Kekulé von Stradonitz
    • Josef Priestley
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    We know that the speed of sound in the air is about 340 meters in second, do you know the speed of sound in a vacuüm?

    • 0 m/sec
    • 6 m/sec
    • 24 m/sec
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    Do you know the date of the American landing on the French coast known as Day D in the 2 World War?

    • July 6. 1944
    • June 6.1944
    • June 6.1945
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    Do you know what the longest freshwater lake in the world ?

    • Lake Superior
    • Lake Baikal
    • Lake Tanganyika
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    The blue whale’s voice is the loudest sound recorded in the animal world, do you know at what distance it be heard?

    • 800 meters
    • 1200 meters
    • 1600 meters
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    Do you know which one bird in the world has two fingers or claw?

    • Ostrich
    • Ibis
    • Pelican
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    Do you know who authored an anti-war mural called “Guernica”?

    • Francisco Goya
    • Salvador Dalí
    • Pablo Picasso
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    In which federal state in the Us, do they drop a giant sausage at midnight December 31 to mark the coming of the New year?

    • Minnesota
    • Pennsylvania
    • Philadelphia


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