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Pancakes and maple syrup

Whenever I visit foreign countries I always look for something typical of that country.  While in the US I tasted their pancakes and maple syrup – a perfect combination with a few strawberries to good measure. 

What needs to be searched for is the genuineness of the maple syrup.  And that we found when we went to Colorado.  My nephew knew what was genuine and what was not.  His wife prepared the pancakes and I created a memory. 

While in Italy I could not create a memory as I did not taste their Gelato ice cream. 

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  1. I am slightly on the side of Halcombe as Canada is a great producer of maple syrup. You really should taste it in its purest form on a plate with snow covered with maple syrup. You then roll a stick across it and lick it on the stick just like an ice cream bar but much better. Yum yum… of course pancakes with maple syrup is widely eaten across Canada for breakfast and even dinner and supper…

  2. Maple Syrup is a product from Canada. In fact, there is a maple leaf in the flag of Canada but these Americans want to make you believe they invented Maple Syrup. What is more, pancakes are not an American invention they have been widely consumed throughout history in Europe and in different countries (Canadians always have pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast as maple syrup is an emblem of Canada). Likewise, strawberries come from Europe. Pizza is from Naples, Italy, so Coca-cola is what is really from the USA. SORRY BUT YOUR AMERICAN BREAKFAST IS NOT SO AMERICAN.

    • Please forgive the Americans. It is all my fault When a country bumpkin like me visits a foreign country and sees those pancakes and the maple syrup there for the first time assumptions will be made (lol)

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