Can you spot the hidden animals?

You will definitely love this quiz because these animals can fool everyone into believing they are not there. Can you spot All the hidden animals? Take this quiz and find out!

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    Can you spot the ptarmigan?

    • Yes
    • i can’t even pronounce ptarmigan
  • Question of

    How about this adorable owl?

    • Yes yes yes
    • No!!! i can’t see anything
  • Question of

    And this little squirrel?

    • found him!!!
    • Where is he?
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    Have you ever heard of a pika? Good luck finding one!

    • i see him!!1
    • Im looking at a pile of rocks
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    Let’s go out with a bang. Can you find the caiman?

    • I don’t even know what im looking at
    • There he is!!
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    Try answering this, i bet you can’t see it!

    • I am blind, i can’t see the animals
    • A cat?
    • It’s just grass!
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    What animal is hidden in this picture?

    • Omg! That was actually a hard one but i found a cheetah
    • A snake!
    • Ok im leaving. I’ve wasted too much time on this quiz
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    What animal is hidden in this picture?

    • Obviously a Lion!
    • Elephant
    • There is no animal!


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