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Black Friday Spot the Difference Game

For many this is one of the biggest shopping day of the year. Black Friday. 

Happy Black Friday and stay safe out there.

For those of us who do not brave the crowds of shoppers we prefer to stay at home today. I am one of those, and hopefully there will be more of us! What better way to spend some time than trying this spot the difference game? 

I have used 10 photographs I took on Thanksgiving last year, and edited them. I either took something out or added something. Do you think you can spot the difference in these side by sides? 

Read the questions and answers carefully, often they hold clues…. 

**** Best played enlarged **** 

Good luck and have fun! 

  • Question of

    Have I added something or taken something away?

    • Added
    • Missing
  • Question of

    Which side of the photograph has the edited part?

    • The right.
    • The left.
  • Question of

    I’ll ask the same question as above. Right or Left?

    • On the right.
    • The left for sure.
  • Question of

    This one is more to the _____ of the frame.

    • Top than the bottom.
    • Bottom than the top.
  • Question of

    The missing object is __________.

    • Sky blue!
    • Tan like the dry grasses.
    • Green like the bushy trees on the hill.
    • Yellow, Orange and Red like the cactus.
  • Question of

    Did I add something or take something away?

    • You took something away on the top.
    • You added something away on the bottom.
  • Question of

    Look closely, I added something. Where?

    • In the back.
    • On the bridge.
    • On the bank.
    • In the water.
  • Question of

    Is this edit on the left or right?

    • The left.
    • The right.
  • Question of

    Where is this edit?

    • The very top.
    • Almost in the middle.
    • On the very bottom.
  • Question of

    Did I add something or take something away?

    • You added something.
    • You took something away.


What do you think?

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Written by Kim_Johnson

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