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Animals in Story and Legend: A Quiz

Here is a quiz about famous animals (and a few birds) that have played a prominent role in fiction, film, myth or maybe even reality! With any luck, this should not be too difficult!

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    In The Wizard of Oz, what was the lion looking for?

    • A brain
    • Courage
    • Love
    • His glasses
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    What frightened Miss Muffet?

    • A spider
    • A dog
    • A snake
    • A lion
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    What was the false idol worshipped by the Hebrews at the foot of Mount Sinai (in the Book of Exodus)?

    • A silver bull
    • A wooden horse
    • An iron man
    • A golden calf
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    In Edward Lear’s poem, who sang to the Pussycat?

    • An owl
    • The Dong with the Luminous Nose
    • A piggywig
    • An eagle
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    According to legend (and William Shakespeare) what killed Cleopatra?

    • A cobra
    • An asp
    • An alligator
    • A wild boar
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    Rimsky-Korsakov composed a short piece about the flight of what?

    • The skylark
    • The dove
    • The bat
    • The bumblebee
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    In Alice in Wonderland, who discovered he was late when he looked at his pocket watch?

    • The March Hare
    • The White Rabbit
    • The Mock Turtle
    • The Dormouse
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    Which bird was the emblem of Prussia?

    • The eagle
    • The dove
    • The owl
    • The falcon
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    What sort of animal was Tarka?

    • A whale
    • A dolphin
    • An otter
    • A sealion
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    According to legend, what species of bird saved the young city of Rome from attack by the Gauls?

    • Duck
    • Goose
    • Swan
    • Cormorant


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