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Writing drafts to post later

I am going back to hometown for a few days later. I don’t have a computer back in my hometown and I am not so comfortable with using my phone to post, hence I decided to write a few drafts, so I can post them later when I am away from my home.

I always like to write whenever I have any inspirations, and save them in the draft section if I already have a few posts which are still pending for approval. I really appreciate the draft section at Virily. It makes us easier to write and post later.

I read that bloggers always write their blog posts earlier and post according to their blogging schedule. I think it’s a good idea though we don’t really have a blogging schedule here.


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    Do you save drafts for later?

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    Do you try to post everyday at Virily?

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Written by kaka135


  1. My posts are rather elaborate and long so having the capability to save them in a draft is just great as I can always get back to them to finish and post them. I really do not have the time and the energy to post an article every day, but at least I try to post one every week. Blogging is great but it is not my only interest and job so I cannot put as much energy and time in it as I would like..

  2. I am just trying my best to make use of my free time if any, so writing in advance is not possible for me at this time. Though I am planning to do that but maybe in the coming days.

  3. I have an issue with this site. If I leave articles in drafts for over a day they will be deleted. Happened to me already. You might not be treated the same as I am…

  4. Right from the time I joined here I have been creating posts and storing them in the Drafts Folder. I have quite a few there and I release them when the pending folder gets empty

  5. Its a great idea and would definitely make posting easier for you much later.

    I try to post on here daily, although there are those days I’m unable to.