Why you will never be successful with online dating

What seems like a simple way to find your other half, can seem like a total waste of time when utilizing it. Online dating brings simple features that allow you to build a profile to attract the opposite sex or same sex, plus it breaks down a percentage of your interests as well as the interests of others in order to narrow your search of finding your opposite a lot easier. With so many features in order to help you find love it seems very impossible. Many websites are misleading and try to con you into purchasing a membership by pursuing you with fake robotic messages from unreal users or even advertising an array of unreal users that will never respond.

Another harsh reality about online dating is that many users use it for the wrong reasons, such as to help mend a previously broken heart, or simply to look for sex! I compare the free online dating sites to a school dance where both men and women are standing on opposite sides of each other, yet none wanting to make the first move which stems from going into it with high expectations of the opposite.

I remind you that if someone is on an online dating site their obviously not having luck finding love in their personal circle, so why must something like online dating have so many complications. It seems like the better option would be to utilize Facebook in a similar way because with Facebook at least you can see the users pictures, plus who that user associates themselves with versus a dating site that only allows users to promote themselves which can result in a higher chance of being cat fished by someone pretending.

The key to being successful with online dating is finding that good site and actually paying to use it, but finding that site is very hard because there are so many that falsely advertise, so my advice is to avoid the free dating sites because you are more likely to encounter that user using it for the wrong reasons, which may result in a broken heart.

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Written by Thomas Gouard

Im a military veteran; a full-time college student, and a fitness addict. Fueled by inspiration; God's word; endorphins and laughter!


  1. Very interesting topic! I think that meeting someone online is not a bad thing, but the actual relationship should develop in real life. I know people who met online and have long-term and seemingly successful relationships. I also agree with you that many people seek dating online for the wrong reasons.

    • It boils down to the person, and finding that person that’s actually looking for a relationship versus that one that’s looking for something temporary.

  2. You have that right. I would never try online dating simply because I know in my young days I could go out with a guy and spend half an hour with him and already know if we attract each other or not. This is because I can see him, listen to what he has to say. perhaps have some laughs and be able to form an opinion. This cannot happen with online dating. Online dating does get glorified by Hollywood in such movies as You’ve Got Email and then people want to try it too and are greatly disappointed by the outcome.

    • Exactly, RasmaSandra. And thank you for sharing your input. I actually need to watch that movie ‘You’ve Got Email’. I will look for it on Redbox this week.