Making Circles – 24

I walked the campus, seeing it for the first time. Realising that there was more to college than just study. Students were mingling, playing games, lounging around,being alive.

I had never been alive. I had spent my years thinking if I would see Shaun, what I would say to him, how I would dress, as if I was no more than an appendage.

I hadn’t dated, because I couldn’t think of anyone else but Shaun. I know it is stupid to be so focused on one person… no Fixated is the term.

Just as he spent his life dreaming of Laurie, I had spent my life; I had Wasted My Life, dreaming of Shaun.

It ends now.

Not that I would end our study sessions; no. For we were great study partners. He saw what I didn’t, just as I saw what had passed him.

One more week.

One more week of this connection, then, it ends.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar