Dating Site – 11

The relationship between Greg and Nora moved rapidly. They liked the same things, laughed at the same jokes, loved to be with each other. Everything was perfect and there was no reason to wait.

Two months after the first date, they married.

Her parents were a bit unnerved, until they met Greg and loved him as much as she did. They would visit every Sunday afternoon, sometimes they’d go to a restaurant for dinner.

Nora kept pinching herself.

Everything was perfect, maybe too perfect, but  Nora was Not complaining. She loved being with Greg. The fact her parents confirmed her belief in his perfection made her know this was real.

She loved being with Greg. At her job, overtime was an obscenity, and so was anything that put space between her and her beloved.

After a year of true marital bliss she found herself happily pregnant. It was a comfortable pregnancy, and she worked until her ninth month, then took her accrued leave. She gave birth to a lovely boy they called Gabriel.

Greg was doing well, he didn’t need her to work, so she could stay home with their son. She agreed, for she didn’t want anyone else to raise him.

Her life was paradise.

Wake up in her husband’s arms, the sweet baby still sleeping. Make Greg breakfast, pack his lunch, as he came in to share that first meal. Then, as he left for work Gabe would make a cry, and she would devote every minute to him, until Greg came home.

It was then things started to get a little peculiar.


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Written by jaylar