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Why do we have to be persistent?

Today I decided to write a few words about perseverance. I think this is a good time, given the situation. My principle is that I always have to persevere, even though it can be difficult sometimes.

Persistence in positive things is a trait that can lead us to great results. Flat persistence is often a trait that is poorly expressed in humans.

Perseverance is important mainly because of ourselves. If we persist enough, we will come to a point where we cross our borders and step beyond what we normally expect. We will progress personally and become more psychologically stronger. The next time we have a difficult task, it will be easier and with more perseverance to overcome, since in our memory there will be a victory from the past in a similar situation.

 Above all, it is worth persisting in tasks, relationships, and situations where we feel good and respected. At that point, the obstacles will become challenges and each fall will give us even more inner strength to move forward.

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  1. Persistence is a good thing, although it is important that we consider limits at times.

    I know for example that I sometimes get into technical troubleshooting mode. When that happens I set a timer of 3 hours.

    if i haven’t gotten it working in 3 hours I ask for help.

    otherwise, I spiral downward and get really frustrated!

  2. It is a difficult concept but it is possible. One should not give up. I say, if one has come this far, one shouldn’t give up. Trials are part of life. They’ll never cease to exist. But, we can overcome them. We shouldn’t lose heart.


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