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Hear and see with heart

Waiting for friends, guests, Christmas, miracle, peace, unexpected stranger, inspiration, light, revelation, bright star, closeness, gentleness, wise and not very much wise talks, insightful thoughts, compliments, gifts, faith that everything will eventually be okay…

Have a nice waiting for Christmas! And let real Christmas light shine inside of us! Let’s not hurry, overdo, do not force others and ourselves, be gentle to one another and be peaceful, hear and see with heart, give generous gifts, smiles, and warmth, and have the patience and wisdom to endure the joy and hustle of Christmas, and the biggest miracle – life!

When you feel completely alone, remember that so are feeling at times all the people of the world, lonely and seeking proximity.

When you are with loved ones, remember that they are the greatest gift we have – not merit, not self-evident, but the happiness to have them.

When you feel happy, pause life, keep that feeling inside, try to remember it.

When you feel sad, do not rush to relieve sadness with joy, experience it because you need to know yourself even sad.

And when everything will start annoying and you don’t know where to go – take a good book, read the minds of smart people, and find your own way.

Merry Christmas!

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