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What type of posts do you enjoy the most?

Well, this questions have been asked previously. But seems like there are quite a handful of new users here and now, I’d like to ask it again!

The variety of posts type and topics here is great… some appeals to more while some to less… so are mroe interactive while some are more informative or inspiring…

Which type do you prefer?

  • What type of posts attracts you first?

    • Those with nice cover photo
    • Engaging title
    • Ambiguous titles
    • Discussion Posts
    • Others
  • What type of posts attracts you first?

    • Polls
    • Quizzes
    • Articles
    • Challenges
    • Photos (galleries)
    • Stories
    • Others
  • Which do you prefer?

    • Interactive posts
    • Informative posts
    • Inspiring posts
    • others
  • You usually read/search by …

    • authors/writers
    • interesting titles
    • interesting topics
    • Recent Comments
    • Most Commented
    • Challenges
    • Categories
  • Anything else? Pls share …

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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Written by alibb

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  1. I would first visit those who are most active by finding them on the list of recent members. I found out with my continuous activity for almost a month, that most active members are uploading photos more often. So I am also trying to find my old photos and taking photos of almost everything I came across using my phone. I found a few articles about business, finance, and strategies on how to earn money. I also discovered that several members are using the site for enjoyment and not for the purpose of earning.

    One thing that surprises me, even more, was the total amount of Virils that I earned for more than a year of activity, was doubled in my one month of continuous visit.

    • Yes, if you’re active, you can earn Virils pretty fast. All you need is like 1-2 posts a day and commenting say about 10 or more posts, you can earn quite a lot Virils a day… (I didn’t calculate, so don’t know the exact amount)

      Virily community is friendly, most writers here will visit your posts when you visit and comment on theirs … they like to build relationships.

  2. Q: What type of posts attracts you first?

    Those with nice cover photo (2 votes) – 33%
    Engaging title (3 votes) – 50%
    Discussion Posts (1 votes) – 17%

    Q: What type of posts attracts you first?

    Polls (3 votes) – 50%
    Quizzes (1 votes) – 17%
    Photos (galleries) (1 votes) – 17%
    Stories (1 votes) – 17%

    Q: Which do you prefer?

    Informative posts (1 votes) – 17%
    Inspiring posts (5 votes) – 83%

    Q: You usually read/search by …

    authors/writers (3 votes) – 50%
    interesting topics (2 votes) – 33%
    Categories (1 votes) – 17%

    Q: Anything else? Pls share …

    Yes (2 votes) – 50%
    No (2 votes) – 50%

  3. I usually got through as much of the posts in the list of those I am following. I enjoy finding out what everyone has to say and what kind of information they offer and just enjoy interacting as well. I also love quizzes.

  4. I look at my friend’s posts and then I look around and read and comment on as many posts as time allows. I return comments as often as possible

    Some days I can be on here longer other days not so much. So all the posts usually interests me. You know I love photography so I like the photos with original photos, but I look at as many posts as I can.

    • Haha, looks like we’ve similar approach … but I guess I’m a little more picky… I do have preferences …

      I’m more of a visual person, so an attractive cover photo will get my attention :p

  5. Oh I don’t know. It really depends on the day. There are some authors I never miss and that doesn’t mean I love every post they write. I guess for me, it is a matter of letting the creator of the idea that it was seen and they are valuable to the site. (Strange, but that is exactly how I feel about the question today.) Cheers.

    Oh wait – there is one that I never read. Once someone tells you to go @#$# yourself, you should never read or talk to them again. (Passing on the advice, don’t even try to fix it. Run away fast.)

    • Lol, I guess many of us have that tendency to read something from a certain author whom we enjoyed … or have been engaging conversations with.

      I’d run off too and then avoid communication if someone gets rude to me. 🙂

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