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Weird Things Human Hair Is Used For

Apart from making wigs, or for training hairdressers, human hair can have many more purposes. It’s sometimes even used in visual arts by creative artists who want to make unique pieces.

Here are 3 weird ways in which human hair can be used that may surprise you.

For Cleaning Oil Spills

One natural way to help contain oil spills is through the use of hair booms and hair mats. Hair repels water while it attracts and collects contaminants like oil. Watch the video to see how this works.

As A Fertilizer

It turns out that human hair also makes a good plant fertilizer thanks to the nitrogen found with it. Some studies show that hair alone isn’t that effective and it needs to be combined with other compost materials, but there are already companies working on hair-based fertilizers. Source

To Produce Music

The gitgit, a three-stringed violin used by the indigenous people of Mindoro, in the Philipines, has strings made of human hair.

The instrument was used by a man attempting to woo a woman.


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