There is no snow where I live.  It is a place where the weather is mundane with no extremes  Even the cold days only call for a sweater at best.  But I see tourists from countries that have extreme weather coming here for a break.  Such is life. 

I call these flowers snowflakes. They will soon be strewn on the floor looking like snowflakes. I have to make do with these snowflakes in place of real snowflakes. My imagination goes rioting sometimes !!

These flowers are seen the moment monsoons set in. We had a couple of showers and this is the result.  

  • Do you have extreme weather where you live?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

Written by grace


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  1. We have a tropical depression/hurricane heading our way. I had a bad feeling last week when the weatherman said this disturbance will not cause any problems for us. What a stupid thing to say!! He jinxed us!

    Your snowflakes are pretty!!

    • We had just the opposite of that Mumbai was threatened with a cyclone not seen in 100 years. It rained heavily no doubt but nothing else happened. My niece said she was afraid her building would come down (lol)

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