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Housework Can Be Very Hairy

Yep, housework can be a very hairy business!  Let’s be honest, none of us exactly revel in housework, do we?   I think what I hate most about it is having to clean up hair everywhere. There always seems to be a lot of it around my flat – shedded both by me and my cat (it’s just the two of us here). When I am vacuuming a room I often find balls of dust mixed up with both feline and human hair in the corners, yeeuch!  They really gross me out. But I also find tufts of cat hair in other places, like on the bed, windowsills, surfaces, etc., and frequently loose hairs on my computer keyboard (I have just have to dust a few of them off, before writing this. This is my cat on my desk in the picture, just to make the point, about how her fur gets everywhere.)  Why does one small cat shed so much hair? Maybe I need to brush her more often. In fact, that is going to be a job for this evening. Neither of us usually enjoy that job particularly!

The hair problem is even worse when it comes to cleaning the bath and the sinks.  That is even more gross, regularly having to fish out great clots of wet, slimy hair from the plugholes, otherwise the water won’t drain away (and it’s not just my hair either –often the cat’s hair gets into the plugholes as well. It seems like there is no place that is sacred!)

But I guess it’s just nature, right? Neither I nor the cat can help losing hair all the time (neither of us is going bald at any rate, so that’s one consolation.) I don’t know what the solution is; unless I get rid of the cat and shave my head!



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Written by Maggie Bailey


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