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We live in a very strange world

We live in a very strange world. Here, words have their price but have lost their value long ago. Lie here is called happiness, and treachery is called friendship. Here, people do not compassion those who feel pain but pass by. “I know” is more important now than “I feel”. To look happy in this world is much more important than to be happy. The word “I understand” has long changed understanding, just as the word “I love” has changed love…

Why has it become so significant to share photos on social networks with the gifts you receive? Why it’s so important to show the bouquet of 100 rose to others? Why do most people exaggerate material things? Why is that? It is a pity, however, that there are more cases where things are valued rather than spiritual values.

And I think it should be the opposite. People were created to be loved, and things – for the use. In the world today, so much chaos is due to the fact that we use people and love things. After all, the presence of those closest to you gives you fullness, warmth, the most genuine smiles, and unplayed emotions.

And things … Things will sooner or later become boring, wear out, go out of fashion, and become obsolete. And the loved ones … The loved ones, in contrast to things, over the years, will only become more expensive than before.

After all, we do not know at which feast one of us may no longer be together and be missing. So, dear ones, cherish each other because we are each other’s most precious gifts.

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  1. Well said, I like how you described the current situation.
    I’ve been reading a book from an Italian reporter about why work (labor) is losing value. Work isn’t just about productivity, it’s about people. Technology has been replacing people for a while and we seem to have ended up perceiving machines as humans, and humans as machines. We talk to our devices like they were people, craving and caring about them, getting sad when they’re no longer with us, while we treat humans as tools to get what we want, giving just to get something back and pretend they’re broken when they don’t work as we expected.
    Wow, looks like I’m raving. ?

  2. I am not enamored with material things so much. They seem distractive to the purpose and understanding of life as a whole.
    But, the choice is not really available to me to be successful and have many things. The way I lived in the past made this present for me and I am not sorry for those decisions that guided how I lived in the past. I would do the same again and maybe more so.