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Often around us sound tutorials on how to be happy. That it is up to us what we choose – happiness or suffering, illness or health…

Many, accompanied by these resounding phrases, are stuck in their own mud, feeling how firmly it has wrapped its legs and they do not understand why they are failing. Although praying for the help of Angels every day and creating beautiful visualizations.

If it were that simple – everyone would be healthy and happy. Who wants suffering? But life is not that simple. It is made up of many strands that we cannot immediately comprehend.

Always believing that you are solely responsible for everything – sometimes it is like constantly hammer yourself at the cross and bleeding forever. When it is very difficult – do not blame yourself! Just realize that this experience is a necessary part of your spiritual growth!

Life is not a carousel of eternal happiness, so don’t be fooled around by creating tales and check everything in real life.

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