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Complaining to loved ones

If we really want to do something good for our loved ones, we have to take care of ourselves: respond to our needs, learn to calm our mind, grow and nurture what makes us happy, gives meaning to even the smallest things, thrills us with kindness, joy, inspiration.

Sometimes we need to refresh our memory, re-read our notes, to dig in the shelves of our most valuable experiences, and re-energize what we once knew and deeply believe in. Running in a hustle and bustle of everyday life, we just forgot how we occasionally gently shake and shake the ground around the plants in our garden. The same we can do with ourselves. 

After meeting with us, let our loved ones and closest ones return to be inspired and uplifted, rested, and not be overwhelmed by our centuries-long misfortunes, problems, and talks of ever-expanding expectations that will surely make our life better.

Let them not have their heads and hearts hurt by the fact that we are “depressed” again, let them sleep peacefully at midnight, thinking that we are happy and calm, let their prayers for us will be full of gratitude, not sorrow, let they have at least one problem less in their lives because with us, as always, everything is OK.

Let us testify through our lives and by our example that life is power, and it never gives more than we can lift, and by mistake does not give us what is not absolutely necessary for us in the path of evolution of our consciousness.

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  1. You are right. I identify with your thoughtful, selfless acts of love towards others despite our own struggles. In fact, whenever I am sad, I think of a close loved one who might me sadder and struggling more. So, I call that person and ask how she is and offer my help, or just give a listening ear without ever mentioning my own problems.

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