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I have always loved waterlilies and I could never have them in my home. In huge cities when you live in apartments this remains just a dream. Finally, I bought a house  a couple of years ago although I have no space for a garden on the ground I have one on my terrace. At first I thought I could never have waterlilies, I learned that I could from the internet. Now I have these growing in huge plastic tubs which serve as lily ponds.

I also have a few guppies in my lily pond to keep it free from mosquitoes which are the bane of the tropics. I could be fined if I din’t spray the ponds and kept them free of mosquitoes. My choice always is to look for natural solutions to the problem and so the guppies which multiply by the hundreds.

These bloom almost everyday. They need very little in the way of maintenance. I only fertilize the plants once a month. These and the cacti are the easiest to grow in my garden.

It is the little things of life that bring a smile to my face everyday.

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  1. Your post is my timely reminder. This week, I’ve been contemplating about replenishing my old house’s gardens. I want it to be alive with bright African daisies, gazanias, nasturtiums, Pacific blues, fragrant roses, wild freshias, poppies, hollyhocks, veggies, struggling frafrant lilac, geraniums.

    Sorry. I’m just reminiscing and planning.

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