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On April 2, 2019, Google shut down the consumer (personal) version of Google+, a social network by Google.(YEAH WE ALL KNOW THAT!) … No other Google products (such as Gmail, Google Photos, Google Drive, YouTube) will hopefully be shut down as part of their, so-called consumer Google+ shutdown. 

That was then, what’s happening now? 

What about Gmail, in 2020 the Google Account we all use to sign in to Virily. etc.? A few weeks after Google announced that they will be shutting down Google Inbox, Google has announced. This announcement came on the heels of a recently announced data breach that happened on the platform during March of this year. Feb 27, 2020, What next, we might ask? well, I would highly recommend you grab a copy of their brand-new rules, since they are implementing 16 pages of them, ANYHOW! whether you figured out, by chance, what’s behind their NOW logo!

Right here: βŒβŒβŒ 


What do you think?

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  1. I did Google: “Is Google closing down in 2020?”… and the results that I get mentioned that Google is closing down Hangouts in 2020. I did not see anything specific about Google or GMail shutting down.

    I saw a couple of hits saying Playboy Magazine is closing down…

    I will give some time to read that 16 pages document though. I can’t promise I will be able to understand all the legal jargon though…

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you for completely discombobulating my little mind. It is too difficult for me to understand. My main email is gmail. Can I still use my gmail account? Will I need a different email? If I can continue with gmail I will. It is the mail I go through to get my writing jobs. Other than that I understand none of this.

  3. After having a Google account and using some Google services, it seems like I am used to “Google service closing down” news. I am not sure if Google will close down one day. At least at the moment, I think Google, Microsoft and Facebook services will still stick around for quite some time. But when Google is no longer around, I am sure there will be another one. The first few web browsers that I used are not around anymore…. πŸ™‚

  4. sure there is, there always is a reason for everything on God’s earth.

    I left the links above for anyone to read. I thought it prudent to share this information when I came across several sources saying the something, one source is the ex-Google director of Google Africa. I decided to share it. Luckily no one needs to do anything because nothing is going to go wrong, right?

    If anyone wants’ to delete their Gmail and Google accounts permanently, click here:

    • Abhijit, I don’t know all the answers. Why not Google: “Is Google closing down?” and take it from there. YouTube has become very picky lately about paying out Adsense to their members and many have moved away to other video sites. Then there is the fact that Virily is not displaying advertisements, where do they get revenue to pay us with?

      Perhaps they know something they are not telling us, or, perhaps it’s just my imagination as some seem to think. I personally won’t report and future negative (IT) developments regarding my observations, I’ll just take whatever precautions I find necessary and not say anything about stuff like that and leave it to the experts here on Virily to sort out.

        • “Is Google closing down” Searching this actually answers questions regarding the services Google shut down, like G+, for example. Or people asking about YT and its subsequent changes. Anyhow, I raised the question because I thought you are in the knowhow about the matter. Anyway, thanks for your article. It helped me read other content too.

          • That was the whole reason for the article. People were supposed to check, evaluate and take steps or simply ignore it. As you did. All this has brought about, is that whatever information I have in the future, about anything, I will just shut up and look after number one.

    • I have NEVER let go, nor will I, EVER. All of these things will pass. We need to uplift and heal wherever we see a need. On our journey to the promised land, the road runs through the desert, ie. the “desert” is the Coronavirus and all the other hardships we face daily, in your case, the recent passing of loved ones, that is hard to bear, make no mistake! But in the “desert” we are given “Manna”, which has to be eaten daily, the Manna, is the deed of kindness God draws your attention to and He wants you and I to respond freely. In return, he will provide what he knows you and I need. The manna can’t be saved for the next day, as it will go off. For instance, don’t postpone what you are shown by your conscience, (God) to do. When Jesus was offered food by his disciples, he replied, saying: “My meat is to do the will of my father.” Our meat, (Manna) must be the same…

  5. So dummy this down for me. Do I have to find a new email program right now? If so do you have one to suggest, because yes I use gmail for everything. Please walk this old lady through the change so I can be prepared very soon. I think I must move a lot of data.

    • I don’t give a continental HOOT about why they are shutting this down, nor do I believe anyone else here want to know [why]! I’m only concerned about what I have to do to survive. If you want to know why read this below:

      DocAndersen about 7 hours ago
      “there are a number of reasons why they are shutting this down. Yahoo is highly likely to be the next system to remove this.

      The cost of these systems are huge. The value for google and others is really low.”

      Or, if you don’t care about why Google is doing this and just want to avoid getting, stuffed by Big Brother, then you might try this, Trenna:
      *Google: “Is Google closing down in 2020?”

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