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Walking on Burning Coal as a Sign of Love

There are diverse ways to prove you love your other significant. In China, they have a tradition that aims to prove or indicate that you do love your partner.

The tradition is slowly fading away. It’s no longer a requirement. Some do it on their own to prove their faithfulness and commitment to their relationships.

The tradition dictates a man has to prove he loves his wife and is committed to the relationship. This involves carrying his lady on his hands while walking on a burning coal that stretches a few centimetres.

Additionally, it is a sign that the woman will deliver her baby smoothly as she will experience less labour pains.

Lastly, they believe this will bring good luck to the man’s family and his community. The man will become wealthy and the community will be blessed by the gods as a result of this action.

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  • Can this action justify a man’s love and loyalty to his wife?

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