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Visit to the zoo in Ljubljana – 2

In the Ljubljana Zoo, animal species from all continents are gathered, with emphasis mainly on species typical of the area where the Alpine, Pannonian and Mediterranean world is connected. In spite of insects, there are a total of about 500 specimens in the garden belonging to 119 species and 14 breeds . Among the greatest and most beautiful of all is the tiger. Tiger is the largest cats representative, since it can grow up to 230 cm in length, with an additional more than 1 m long tail. We recognize it in orange hide with black streaks. There are considerable differences in size, color and pattern among subspecies. Tiger is a loner. It is only during the mating season that she hangs out for a while with a female who, after 13-16 weeks of pregnancy, barks 2-4 puppies.

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  1. Tiger are still in the forest in our region (and of course zoos) hehe
    They’ve been reported to kill (but rarely because they’re being hunted to near extinct)

  2. Tigers are dangerous animals but in their own country that should not be shot for sport.
    An idiot some years broke into the Auckland tiger cage to steal the tiger. The tiger killed him outright, I just saw the blood in the tigers cage and another person told me what happened.

      • There are three subspecies of tigers in the genus Panthera that are native to Indonesia; Sumatran tigers, Balinese tigers and Javanese tigers. Unfortunately, the last two subspecies I mentioned have become extinct.

        • It is sad that such noble animals are extinct … we are late to know … you are probably still living tribes and wild hunters who spoil them for valuable fur

          • The extinct subspecies are two out of three, others are Caspian tigers. The Balinese tiger became extinct in 1937, Caspian tigers became extinct in the 1950s, and the Javanese tigers last died in 1972. In fact, there has been a law that emphasizes the protection of wildlife, but there are always people who want to take advantage of animals in many countries from many countries.