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Virily and ranks

@Indexer talked about having fun at Virily rather than grumble about the site, in his recent post.  He also mentioned about the fun of aiming for ranks.  There were comments about what the point was  in aiming for  ranks when users do not benefit. 

It took me to games we play at parties where there are no prizes but the joy of winning was good enough to take part in  the games.  Yes.  There is joy here too trying to have a healthy compeition among users and that in turn will make one to be more active. . 

When I saw my name for the first time, among the top 50 it made my day  I now keep watching my progress there and happy to see that I have gone up to 31. 

While aiming to reach higher one earns more Virilis as to get there one has to be active and more activity means more virils. 

So guys get going and play along with me.  

  • Do you aim for ranks here at Virily?

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  1. I even do not remember when it was last time when I looked for ranks here, may two years ago. I really do not care about any ranks. I enjoy writing, that is why I am here. Not to be better or higher in ranks than others. We all are equal in my mind.

  2. Yes, I saw it from the moment you landed here on Virily, you’re not going to rest until you hit Carol DM’s number one spot, remember, I told you so? Equating it with harmless party games makes no sense at all. No, monetary rewards? Of course, you get paid here. It’s no party game. Let’s get real, Grace. I call it as I see it all the way to South-Fork oops I meant “Solitaire.”

  3. I look every month or so, just to keep track of whos who. lol. I remember making it to number 50, I remember making it to number one which I kept for a whole year. I am now on number 7. lol Wonder how long itll take to get back down to 50? joking of course. And yes, I agree with you.

  4. I am not interested in the rankings … I am here for the sake of entertainment and some friends I have met here …. if I were to be ranked I would post five posts every day and then post one post every other day … .that is enough for me …. I’m not here for the money … if I can’t be here all day for 1 coffee hahaha


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