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We have been here for a long time and things were going well with few complaints and hiccups. One could almost say things were rolling along largely on an even-keel. Not only that, but several innovative changes were brought about which pleased most of the veteran writers here. Just recently at the toughest of times, the hight of the COVID 19 pandemic Virily paid out to several members. 

A wonderful sign of growth is the dozens of new writers arriving on our site, but, alas, there are so many loyal writers, leaving of necessity because they need to get more than a token response from admin. Kindly publish an open letter to us all, tell us about what gripes we are causing or not, and then, finally let us know how, if at all we can help.  Many writing sites have come and gone but very rarely, one company had risen to the occasion, and informed it’s writers, (several of those are here) what was going on and in some cases managed to stay afloat a while longer.

Kind regards, Andre’Hartslief 


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