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Under The Young Papaya Tree ~ Silhouettes Saturday

The rain stopped a few hours before twilight, then the wind blew hard for some time. The sky was bright enough later, even though the clouds still appeared here and there. In the damp smelling air, under the young papaya tree, I stood enjoying the sun coming down slowly on the horizon. The last sunset of the week.

A few shots I made to capture the moment. And here’s the silhouette for the Silhouettes Saturday this time. Seeing the dark side behind the light like that picture, I understand and appreciate how beautiful the mystery of our lives. The dark side that when we think about it, to try to recognize and understand it, the more we don’t know and we don’t understand.  Science is only able to peel away the thin skin of ourselves, and not who we really are. Yes, the dark side is indeed beyond the mind and therefore can only be reached through mindless adventure.

From the peace in silence, once again I shouted the slogan:

Know your self

Be your self

Like your self.

  • Are you sure that you know yourself?

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  1. This is sooo Amazsing capture!!!!!!! I love the colors, so beautiful!!!!! 🙂 I also think we maybe can not know ourselves that good and maybe even better if we are not aware of some things….. Not sure everyone should “explore” their “dark” side…..

      • Welcome…

        Yes but that is not what I meant… Didn’t mean “priorities”… I meant it’s sometimes better not to “play” with that side by exploring it, sometimes it’s better NOT to know some subconscious things…!

        • I understand your point and agree in a certain perspective. I mean to say the priority is to describe the different desires of each person to play or not with that side, where some people really want to know or not want to know at all.

          Hey, I will reply about the numbers later… Hope it’s okay.

          • I don’t think it’s only in that way, but the healthy way, some things should not be explored too much…! It’s not just the matter of choice…..!

            OK… 🙂

        • The giant boulders that block our path must be a lot. It’s just that, there are differences in attitude from each trait to the blocking stone; there are those who are angry and then move it, there is just jumping while whistling, there is being indifferent and passing through a narrow gap but there are those who cry and stop to lament over the grief and ask why they must be block.
          And I am mistaken, the one who moved the stone is choleric type, not melancholic! When writing this I just noticed it.

          But forget it, it’s only a small part of learning about personality, and I’m sure you know that.

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