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Thursday Reflections – Reflections on river Saar

Reflection =  an image given back by a reflecting surface

A simple  way to obtain a reflection is to use a surface of water as a mirror.  Reflections  double the elements in a photo.  They can be dramatic  and also they provide a balanced composition.

A long time ago I showed you some reflections on the River Saar,  which I have admired every day for several months, when I have visited  Saarburg, Germany. Impressive views, and peaceful place. If you have not seen them, it’s not late! You can see them if you want, by accessing these  links:

Thursday reflections – River Saar

Thursday reflections – Reflections on River Saar

The River Saar, starts from the Vosges Mountains in Alsace, then crosses the Lorraine region of France and the German Saarland

Today I come back with a new reflection on the  Saar River, for Thursday Reflections Challenge.

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Written by Ileana Calotescu



  1. Beauuuutiful!!
    I really have to “cheat” in my comment, because when I saw it, the only word that came to mind is “beautiful!” Nothing else to add, just beautiful!!!

    I haven’t been out of Asia yet…
    maybe next time …

      • Why so?
        I mean it’s not difficult to get to Asia…
        if you’re afraid of security and food, you’ll be safe in places like Singapore or Taiwan or Japan …