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They didn’t stop to look at the flowers …

I’m probably not the best person to write about such things… Once in a while I fall into some of these categories too… and this probably need some RANT ALERT!! LOL…

I’ve seen some really grumpy and selfish (?) people… some of them just have to complain or make overly critical comments at every small misharps in their life. Some of them cannot manage their insecurity and tend to be overly suspicious. They always get to a bad conclusion at the end of the day, “they’re looking down on me”, “they don’t respect me!” and the next moment, they can’t contain their anger and have to spread it out like SARS. They don’t set the fire in themselves only but choose to burn the house down too.

They need to be in control. If someone have their own plans or way of doing things, they’re not happy. They come up with some really out-of-the-world conspiracy theory of why others not smart enough to see how good their plan is and/or is trying to rebel. No one can have plans without their acknowledgement.

When there are beautiful things around them, or when people share good stuffs with them, they will not be interested unless they’re in a good mood or the person is someone who lets them control. Be obedient and you’ll get some reward, disobey, and you burn in hell!!

  • Met someone like that?

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  • Any ways to deal with someone like that if you have to meet them often?

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  • Is this too much rant?

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    • Hmm… I usually listen but not with attention …
      I’m patronising him … but well, maybe I could try to listen better?
      Perhaps I could see something else from him?

      Anyway, the system is reverting back so I probably won’t be with him much longer

  1. When I let this kind of people affect my day, they will be so lucky. No, I won’t let them. I just ignore those people. I won’t even make them a subject. They don’t deserve to be in any content I write online or whenever.

    • I guess we’re different people … but one thing you got it right, I do not let them affect me too much (at least I try) …. but I won’t shun from making them a subject …
      I enjoy knowing how others deal with them … I learn from some of their experiences …

  2. I know someone dear to me like you have talked about, and it can feel impossible to deal with most of the time, but gentleness toward them is the only hope for improvement.Stay positive even if the person does not, and maybe compliment one thing they do good. Then, maybe the person will listen once in awhile lol.

    • Looks like you’ve much patience with such people and probably good at dealing with them…
      I’ve quite low tolerance for them… but I guess I’ll try what you say… 🙂
      I’ll try to avoid going into the negative side with them, it just doesn’t help anything.

  3. I take the pride in being diplomatic, but there are people I can’t stand as well.
    Not because they’re bad, I just can’t seem to handle them.
    I tend to take it as a challenge, until I’m drained of all my energies and need to withdraw.
    But I’m naive, a smarter person would ignore right away.
    I don’t like to tell people what they should do, but they should definitely get some help, and find out what causes this sort of ‘narcissism mixed with paranoid schizophrenia’. 😅

    • Haha .. narcissism mixed with paranoid schizophrenia…
      I’m sure you do better as a diplomatic than you thought. It’s never easy to deal with people who are quite narcissistic… or rather self-centered. Worst when they pair it with “schizophrenia” … :p

      But well, luckily its temporary … *phew*

  4. I think you should rant as long as you need to. Get it out. We all meet people from time to time that are not good for us in life. We sometimes have to distance ourselves. I hope it gets better for you.

    Love the flower. 🙂

  5. I had a friend of this nature. In the morning, he awoke with a thought: “The whole world was guilty of everything.” There was almost nothing positive about it. I interrupted these connections. I do not like to put up with negativism.

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