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There Is No Place Like Home.

Yesterday I watched an Italian film “A casa tutti bene” – in English it has a name of There Is No Place Like Home.

But the essence is not in the title, nor in the depth or the triviality of the film. I started talking about this film because some phrases stuck to me. In fact, a beautiful, hysterical by Italian story in beautiful nature – I recommend it. I started talking about this film because some phrases stuck to me. 

“What do you want, son, what are you looking for?” “I just want a normal life …”. “Son, normal life does not exist”. 

How true it is and how long it takes to understand it. In a chaoticism, the unpredictability of life is a sort of order, I even would say-v harmony: flows are changed by low tides, rainfalls by drought, and the storms – beautiful sunny mornings. You just have to wait, to have this very famous feature the one I can’t boast of, but which I train constantly – either on a voluntary basis or life. without my permission, teaches me. Yeah, that feature – holy patience!

Everything in life, like in nature is in a chaotic order; only in nature nobody does the dramas from it as people like to do because of real or fictitious problems.

And another amazing phrase: “In life, we need to practice our inner Buddha.”

Yes, non-meditation in the monasteries or makes us Buddhists or incarnations of peace, and the casual pebbles of everyday life in the shoes of life. Because the bad things and moments when life will show us the combination of three fingers will happen to us for sure sooner or later. But the good events are not so accidentally taking place or happening, or happen less often than we want – they usually need to be created, nurtured, saved, shared, even to say, we must deserve them.

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  • What happens more often in life: good or bad things?

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  1. The question I always ask people is why do you recall the negative. The answer is always that the negative impacted, them, that it took away something from them.

    we often let good things flow away from us as if expected. Bad things stay with us, and we create a greater impact because of that.

  2. I believe that the universe is ruled by entropy. When I say this, however, I almost always have to add later that entropy does not exclude order. I try (try is the operative word here) not to color the present when I see it with the past, I try not to know what something is already when I see it, I try not to anticipate good or bad – I try to ask ‘what is it’ and hopefully be surprised.
    The movie sounds good and worth seeing. I love the cinema.


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