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Count your sunsets…

There were many people on the waterfront. Everyone just looked at the sunset, and the fisherman worked with his load of fish and did not lift his eyes from the boat.

“You live in a beautiful place! – I said to him stopping by. – Such sunsets, such nature!”

“Oh? Really!” – he looked at me surprised.

We went our ways, and he stayed standing. Wiping the sweat from his forehead, looked at the horizon. After a few minutes, darkness will come.

How often do we work at the most beautiful moments of the day! And we do not do anything valuable in those few minutes, just release them in the wind.

Try to count the most beautiful sunsets of your life – really, there will be just a few that you remember. And it seems that the fish loads are more important to us…

© Fortune, 2009


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Written by Fortune


    • I do enjoy sunrises too rarely because sunrise I usually meet at home and still in my bad, usually I am going to sleep after midnight and sunrise I meet in a dream still. But to meet sunrise I love sitting on a dune of sand on the beach, so I see them all the kind and very colorful ones. If I saw more sunrises, I may agree with you.

    • I love meeting them on the beach that is not so far from my home. But not always, of course, most of them I meet at home, but always lift my head to see how it’s beautiful. That’s a special view.