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Could libel and slander, ever be justified as a fitting course of action? I think not, because it is nearly always based on perception.

Ahhh bacon… Just the smell of cooking bacon can make anybody’s mouth water.  And the flavor that bacon adds to so many dishes is undeniably incredible. But in health circles, bacon is often frowned upon, and most people sadly think that bacon “clogs” your arteries and is killing people.  The truth might surprise you… In fact, the fat in bacon can actually be GOOD for you.  And then there’s the confusing topic of the nitrates and nitrites in bacon.

If you’ve been lead to believe the Paleo Diet is just another fad, or that it’s too difficult and costly to prepare simple & fast meals, or worse yet, that there’s just too much protein and fat to be healthy, then you’ve been lied to.

In fact, to be the healthiest person possible, while also burning the most weight (and fast), the Paleo Diet is one the best ways to achieve that. To prove just that, a 60 pounds overweight, Le Cordon Bleu-trained Chef, Pete Servold has created and eaten many delicious, mouth-watering Paleo recipes, that are also simple & fast to prepare.

Pete is also the perfect example of just how great Paleo meals are because he’s lost over 60 pounds using them (see his picture above)!

To get started, you need to first verify my article (Because people lie a lot), or, just take my word for it and get your FREE copy of Paleo Recipes HERE

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    • It’s fine Carol, and you are so very welcome my friend however, Paleo, is more of a healthy eating suggestion than a diet, per se. Have a snug and warm Sunday, when it gets to you.