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The sun is shining on me at Virily

This is the welcome message I got from one of the users here when I created my first post on July 3 2019

“Welcome aboard! You will find plenty of friendly people here and lots to interest you. You could start by looking at the “latest” list – from the main menu – and following contributors who produce stuff you like the look of. They will quite likely follow you back and give comments on whatever you choose to contribute. Once you start getting lots of people reading your pieces, your “Virils” count will start to grow.”

It all turned out to be true.  The sun is shining on me and I just look forward to getting here every day

It will be three months on October 3 since I joined here having written 205 posts of which 25 are quizzes.

What is your story?


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  1. I have been here for four and half months, I try to be here everyday, But then life calls. I honestly don’t know how many posts I have made here. LOL:

    • I visit daily but I notice there is nothing left to be done after I have finished responding, commenting and creating posts for submission for the day.

    • Do you remember you were the first one who welcomed me and that message I have quoted is yours (lol)

      At this point in time I like virily the best of all and hope it continues this way.
      It is not earning but the kind of posts we get to read here which definitely have a good standard.