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The Secrets of Perfume !

We use perfumes in our day-to-day life, but there is one secret about those perfumes that you may be worried about.

Did you know that, the product of perfume is a waste of whale fish in our perfumes. It’s so amazing to hear this, but you may not be aware that whale fish waste is considered a very valuable commodity.

A type of whale sperm whale waste, which is called ambergris is especially valuable, shortly after leaving the body of the whale, it forms a rocky piece, and its one gram value is worth 30 times more than silver.

The demand for this substance is unmatched in the fragrance industry and in paris it is specially bought and sold at expensive prices and the reason is the aroma that makes perfumes lasting.

The amazing thing is that only 1% of the waste made by ambergris is released from the body of sperm whales. Experts are unable to identify the reason and what are the factors that make a whale’s waste special.

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