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The moment

Is there anything in life without a moment? 

The moment when you got a master’s diploma that practically cost your health.

The moment you got your dream job. 

The moment you learn that you will never be alone again.

The moment when with your best friend laughed on the balcony till 4 hours at night so much that started to cry from laugh. 

A moment when you were crying on the same balcony and no longer wanted to hear music.

The moment you first land on another continent.

The moment when you come up with the idea at 3 nights to meet the sun on the beach.

The moment you gave away the keys to your rented apartment.

The moment you heard Coldplay Magic.

The moment you first read Bukowski or watched the first Woodie Allen movie.

The moment you hit “buy” for your dream trip. 

The moment you couldn’t sleep but couldn’t stop smiling too.

The moment you realized you were coming home, even though you came there for the first time.

For all eternity, life is just a moment. Nothing lasts forever, and moments are worth noticing, even if you want some to go faster, such as when patiently waiting for a special trip and exactly a month left. But that month is also full of opportunities. Sometimes waiting for something is also a special moment. Noticed, enjoyed and not to be missed.

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