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Gratitude for the beauty of moment

What happens outside of us is a mirror reflection of our inner thoughts. These days I have become so aware of this simple truth – with my whole body, with all its cells.

When I don’t expect or feel obligated to receive anything from life – the Universe simply wraps me in the gifts I just need at that moment. When I refuse to have any high expectations for others, they surround me with love, concern, and warmth. When I am not opposed to how things are at that moment – things go quietly like floating, without the slightest effort, without much worry and fear.

And when I am thankful for what I usually just ignore – the healthy, forward-carrying legs; no effort free-breathing process; support from the intelligent gravity that holds me – life becomes an inexhaustible source of joy and opportunity.

Why should I not believe in myself when the Universe itself supports me?!

Yet I realized that I was neither better nor worse than others. I am, and that in itself is enough for me to love, to enjoy, to create, to do nonsense, and to sing!

How seriously we take life, and more seriously, death. So seriously that we are even afraid to let closer the thought of it; we are running away, chasing uncertainty, and some ghostly forms when everything we really need is in us and in the moment where we stand now.

Every moment we can choose to love, believe, accept reality without arguing or craving for something else. Everything is enough, we have so much to share with other souls!

© Fortune, 2020

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