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After university (where I finished medicine), I got a diploma and started working in a hospital. After 5 years of employment (and guaranteed good money) I chose to be free (and with an unpredictable financial situation) but happy with what I wanted to do. I always dreamed to have a work that would be my hobby.

This choice was difficult. I did not sleep at nights counting the advantages and disadvantages til I got lost in my mind. Then I listened to the heart. I still listened to good music and intelligent writers. And they all told me – you have to try, even if you are very afraid.

Because this life is all that is given to us. It can be monochrome, beautifully pink or pleasantly green, but it can be a whole rainbow! You are free to choose from.

Wherever I am I love talking with different people. And many of them still inspire me. I met people who gave up profitable posts and went out to the oceans by yacht. I have met a man who left the work in the bank and for 10 years traveled through the Earth sometimes working as waiters in cafes. I have met a fifty-year-old woman who sold her home and with a backpack on her shoulder went where her eyes led. She spent the nights in the tent, never wearing any dresses, but after three years she was happy as the first day of wandering. I also talked to ta young couple who were looking for happiness in their dreams –  Australia – but returned without luck and without money. But even they did not regret a minute – what they experienced and what they became is more important than money and success.

And today, when the sun again ended one more day, I don’t regret my decision at all.

In the photo is Side, Turkey. 

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  1. After 19 years of work in a vast pharmacy, I left that and I was doing self-lubricating the customers when. I had a company and workers.
    But I had to organize everything myself.
    Jobs differ, but they have a common line-chemistry that is my love.