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The intelligent "toilet"

American biomedical engineers have invented the world’s most advance and “intelligent” toilet, capable of conducting a quick analysis of human waste and diagnosing various diseases.This intelligent toilet has sensory cameras, motion sensors and chemical testing kits together to analyze waste (urine and stool.

While the entire system immediately sends the report of its analysis to the concerned doctor, the doctor determines whether the person is in good health or is suffering from a serious illness.

The intelligent toilet system monitors urine excretion, which indicates prostate health in men and It also performs biochemical analysis of toilet urine, which can detect signs of infection, bladder cancer, kidney failure and other diseases.

In addition, the system automatically checks for solid waste composition and density to check for stomach upset. So far this intelligent toilet has been used by 21 people for several months and they have greatly appreciated this invention.

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  1. There should be no urine test labs with these toilets. They may add another option. Issue a recipe based on the results of these studies. That way we won’t need a doctor. 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Hmm the more I read about intelligent things the more I worry about my personal safety and rights. All technology seem great at the out set but they get too close into our personal space.


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