You are an introvert. And are not likely to be the top dog, but the counselor, ”The Power Behind the Throne,” as it were, The shadow Eminence, numero duo.

 1. You are lonely. Gosh, you are lonely. 

2. Due to the thrice-damned communications range of 30 points. Or at least until you find your own tribe.

 3. You hate small talk and meaningless chit-chat. 

4. You prefer substance over style. 

Vapid meaningless things like following the fashion simply make you so frustrated you grow pimples.

 5. You never lose your child-like curiosity on things and you keep your interest in new things until your old age.

 6. You speak multiple languages and master many writing systems.

 7. You are able to blend in anywhere in the world and know cultures. 

8. (English is my third language after Finnish and Swedish.)

 9. You are passionate about what you do. 

10. You put yourself 100% in. 

11. If you are disinterested, you tend to procrastinate a lot.

 12. You have a weird and sick sense of humor.

13.  You prefer love over sex

14.  You are likely to be well educated. 

15. High IQ and academic achievement go hand in hand. 

16. You follow politics and news – not only in your own country but also globally. 

17. You appreciate fine and intricate music: classical, jazz, heavy metal, progressive rock. 

18. Stupid, pushy and uppity people irritate you beyond recognition You are likely to be fit and sportive. 

19. If you are overweight, you still are in good physical fitness.

 20. You like extreme sports. 

21. You also prefer individual sports over team sports. 

22. You are likely to get engaged in intellectual conversations – like here in Virily You are a polymath. 

23. You can surprise everyone on your knowledge and expertise on just about anything. 

24. You have strange hobbies, like history re-enactment.

25. You are likely to be a heavy drinker or do drugs. 

26. You are a late bloomer. 

27. Highly intelligent people mature very late.

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    • One thing is certain, Vidocka, we always know exactly where we stand with polls. My theory why polls are so popular is because the people do them to see if others are on to them, or able t catch them out. Just a theory. It’s like someone saying, do this poll to see if you will go to heaven or go to hell. We all know every moment of every day. We play silly little games while we already know, God is no fool and it’s not up to him, he judges no one, we judge ourselves by our actions. Just a theory.Lol. 😉

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