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Our little Pinkie is intelligent

Both Lolly and Pinkie love that wheat preparation we make which is sweet.  We add some raisins in there.  Pinkie got her share and she lapped it all up.  But I saw the raisins in her bowl that she had not eaten. 

I am careful while giving food to pets and I know raisins/grapes are not good for them.  I thought I had picked them before serving but I saw a couple in Pinkie’s bowl which she had not eaten. 

Pinkie sure knows raisins are not good for her.  

  • Pinkie is intelligent. Don’t you think?

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Written by grace


  1. Well hello Pinkie. You carry your name well. You seem so small but very knowledgeable. Keep up your savvy and watch out for Lolly too. Say hi to your mommy grace for me…

    • You must know this. I caught a tiny bird a while ago and Mama saw me. She chased me all over the house. The maid too chased me. I went under the bed. Mama was keen on saving the bird but I wanted to play with it. I just had to let it go and the bird was caught and then let out. !!!

      • Oh you naughty Pinkie. Play with stuffed toys instead…. Plus I am sure that you did not really want to eat that little birdie as your belly is surely full of good stuff… Now stop these antics right now and listen to auntie history gal… Sorry grace but talking to Runt (my cat) and my three previous dogs is my thing and I carry it overboard sometimes…

        • Pinkie is full of bounce and we have loads of birds in our garden. What I say is birds should know how to take care of themselves (lol)