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The Intelligent Hummingbird~ Day 336

Hummingbirds are amazing little birds. They are still visiting my feeders and it is almost October. They have been here since the summer. Soon they will start the migration south.

As the time of migration approaches, the hummingbird starts to pack on fat, which will fuel its journey. And then it gets an overwhelming urge to migrate. The biological rhythms run automatically, but they are synchronized and fine tuned by the changing day length. 

The amount of food in the environment does not affect the migratory urge. In fact, the birds leave their summer home while food is still plentiful. That way, they are reasonably assured of finding more food along the way. This is why I leave my feeders up through October. Some of the tiny birds coming form the north will stop by on their way to migration. 

Sometimes a late hummingbird straggles by long after all the others have gone. This might be a young bird that hatched late in the season and that wasn’t ready to migrate when the others left.

Amazing right?

Photos ©CarolDM2018 taken form my deck feeder.

365 Photos Challenge Day 336

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Written by Carol DM

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