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The impact of Sharing is Caring 24 hours! Its helping, are you?

Sharing is caring – followup. I found a post yesterday I hadn’t read. I read that post shared in a Sharing is Caring job. And when the author replied today, I noticed the post had gained 24 views over 24 hours. That is a pretty good rate of return overall! So yes, emphatically Sharing is Caring is now changing its name to Yes Sharing is Caring, and Sharing is helping as well!

Please also, along the lines of sharing is caring, send the admins an email again asking them to moderate the now 16-day old queue for posts. I sent the admin team our suggestion on the un-moderated post view. We will see if things change.

The other good news is several authors that have been away from the site are returning now occasionally. We are, on average many more new posts every day. That is good news. Views are still lower, but that in part is due to the usual July/August vacation dip. I suspect we will start to see that stabilize once we move into the fall, and writers return to the indoors from being outside.

Here are some of the lessons I’ve learned to help everyone.

  1. Facebook and Twitter remain by far the top social media to share on for me.
  2. I find we are having more and more conversations on posts (4 comments by author and reader) that is great for both as the more conversations we have on the site, the more people earn!

I have spent a lot of time thinking about the un-moderated view and have a couple of ideas. First, several commented that we would love to have the approval button in the un-moderated view. That button given more than one approval would move the post to the leading site and take it out of the un-moderated sight. What I suspect we would need to understand is that the admins would run the plagiarism check on the entire site (including verified writers). I don’t think that impacts a lot of people, but it may change some.

What do you think? Do five author approvals move a post out of un-moderated? (5 unique)!

Higher? Lower?

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  • To Naysayers, 24 views in 24 hours for old posts is amazing – support those doing the challenge ok?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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  1. I agree about the Sharing is Caring definitely having a good impact. Still trying to figure out how I feel about the un-moderated posts. I guess we would essentially be approving the posts with our comments before it is moderated.


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