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The concept of dream incubation (Omni Magazine)

I promised Albert I would share the Omni Magazine article on dream incubation. is the link to the article. It is a good process that helps you accomplish two goals; the first is setting your dream; the second is remembering the dream. Virtually everyone dreams but few us remember those dreams. This system was designed to help you both incubate positive dreams but also to remember them. One of the most freeing dreams (for me) is flying. I love to have dreams where I fly around. Not, in an airplane, rather flying around just the birds and me. Setting the dream situation and preparing for that dream is not as easy as you would think.

, The concept of dream incubation was originally postulated by a professional in the 1970s. I first read about the process in the 1980s. I’ve been working on the process ever since. Originally my goal was flying dreams, as a way to “see my problems” from above. Everything looks smaller the higher in the air you go. Massive problems don’t seem as bad overall. The things that bother then viewed from above become something I can more easily manage. From above you can find many different paths forward.

This isn’t technology, except that you can also now measure the effectiveness of your dreaming. I know for example that cutting my sleep pattern short or changing my pattern frequently impacts me. It becomes important to establish a pattern. Please note, this is my application of what I learned and doesn’t apply to everyone. It just happens to work for me.

I start with a problem; there are many days when problems come to me. Walk into my office and say “here I am.” It is my job to figure out a way out of the problem. I write down the problem on a piece of paper and read it right as I am going to bed. Then I set the incubated flying, swimming or whatever it is that I need to do to figure the problem out. When I wake up, I meditate and consider what the dream brought me.

  • Sometimes it is the answer.
  • Sometime sit is just relief from something stressing me.
  • Sometimes, it is nothing, but the answer is revealed later.

I hope this helps!

  • Have you ever tried to incubate a dream?

    • Yes
    • No


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  1. Dreams, as far as I know, is unknown just like death or life’s origin. There were theories as to why we dream and studies on how not dreaming affects our ability to function in waking hours but no conclusive explanation as to purpose of dream. And coincidentally, my latest post is about dream ?. Synchronocity? ? I have the habit of writing it when it quite piques my curiosity. I never tampered with my dream though. Except that during dreaming, if I needed to get away, I would will myself to fly ?

  2. I never have any substantial dreams and have always wondered why I cannot dream about my son. One of the mysteries of life. Never thought about using this sort of technique for a problem. I try not to think of problems when I go to sleep. Interesting.

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