The Brother Of Jesus Christ

One of the craziest unbelievable people in history will make you say no way but it’s true. One such person was Hong Xiu Tron who started the Taiping rebellion. This massive rebellion or civil war was started in a most unbelievable way and it cost a lot of lives what happened was this religious fanatic, named Hong Xiu Tron decided that he was the brother of Jesus Christ and he started problems about religion.

 And so, Hong’s rebellion was primarily about religion and was fought between 1850 and 1864. At the end of the fighting, the number of fatalities was between 20 and 70 million with as many as 100 million possible. His goals were religious, but soon became a fight for political nationalism and as mentioned, he wanted to convert all Chinese people to the Taiping version of Christianity the rebellion ended up turning into a total, all-out, war and was the 19th century’s largest and bloodiest conflicts the world has ever seen all because some man thought he was the brother of Jesus Christ.

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