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The best days are yet to come…

The best days are yet to come…When we first met at the beach, she was still enough young laddy, just she needed a walking stick to feel safe. One day, she sat near us and we had a little chat. After this, the old lady often greets us if we meet. She is lonely and it looks like all she needs is conversations.Yesterday, we met her again. I did not see her from the beginning of summer and I barely recognized her – she shrunk completely! Oh, those years…”The spine has collapsed – I’ve shrunk by 11 centimeters a year, and I’m going to turn into a dwarf!” – she laughed and it looked that it doesn’t bother her. Still the same happy and with a big smile on her old face.We sat in a cafe on the waterfront, my husband bought coffee for her too, and our little laddy puts herself in the best place and watches life.”Let’s watch the life.” It was her words. And life is buzzing, laughing and roaring, right here, in the sand at your feet, in the glittering waves.Suddenly she laughs:”I want to touch the water! I go, but you don’t help me, I go by myself.”Groaning, she got up from her chair and turned to the sea. She caressed the waves with her stick and smiled all the time. Turning to us, she waved us with a stick…I look at her shining stronger than the descending sun. My mood is up while I look at her.  And while I’m counting on my summers, I know my best days are yet to come. Because all the days are the best days…

© Fortune, 2009

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