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Stop ignoring the dark colors of life

There are lots of intoxicating illusions around us. Lots of people are not experiencing but playing a happy life. Lost in the glitter of exterior glitter, they compete for a nicer outfit, a more sophisticated lifestyle, or even a level of spirituality.

It is becoming increasingly fashionable to ignore sadness, depression, mourning, or other true feelings of yourself and those around you. Social networks shimmer with artificial smiles, luxurious meals and blue waters surrounded by palm trees. It’s all beautiful, but is it real?

Life is full of difficult trials. It is only through them that one becomes wise. Therefore, it is wrong to think that someone is bathing in the rays of success and happiness for a lifetime. Many people daily send their hottest prayers to heaven for the sake of survival.

Let’s stop ignoring the dark colors of life. They are just as valuable and precious in our evolutionary path. And if you’re having a hard time, know you’re not alone! Just most of  people hide it. Let’s dare to talk about real feelings and make life easier for everyone. Because there is nothing more pleasant than letting yourself be yourself – both sad and cheerful, but completely real.

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