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It looks like the older you get, the faster time is running

This evening, the sea will be the same again.

I left it like that yesterday, and today, on the last day of July, it will again meet a lot of visitors at the sunset time. Almost every evening I come to see the sunset and say goodbye. And I wasn’t the only one who comes to bid farewell. But not all came back: some sailed away in the ocean of clouds. And instead of them, others are entering the sea today – still with little feet, held behind their armpits, screaming and enjoying because all the summers of life are before their eyes.

When you will stay in the evening looking at the sunset, feel it as strong as possible to always remember.

  • The older you get, the faster time is running. Agree?

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Written by Fortune


  1. Yes, I am really busy and time flies really fast. It seems that when I am retired I have been given unpaid work…Life…to serve others is like serving myself..
    It is a race but with love and kindness, it does come back to you…Maybe not from the people I serve, but I have found it come back in unexpected ways.