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As per the appointment, I met a colleague in the past. I did ask for help from him for a matter that I was handling. Previously, I did not expect that he was so easy to be asked for help and even very eager to help. About twenty years ago, when we were together before, he was a staff I trusted and relied on to support me in important tasks, but now, he has held an important position in the company where he works and has an extensive network.

In fact, there is nothing I need to say here if nothing extraordinary has happened during my time with him. During his time with him, both on his way to several places, in dealing with people, and in many certain situations he always seemed calm and self-controlled, even very polite. I noticed that there are things or situations that used easily made him nag or curse now that he doesn’t seem to be reacting. Situations, attitudes of other people or certain events that used to make him angry prolonged can be dealt with calmly and relaxed.

On the way back to his office, I praised his changed attitude and asked how he could make the change. “Do you remember the switch button?” He asked. “Ehmm… What switch do you mean?” I ask back. Then he reminded me of what I had taught in various training programs where he played the role of staff and supporting assistants at once in order the training could run effectively and smoothly. “I learned a lot from you while helping you before. I always listen to everything you have said and practice all the tricks you teach the trainees. Indeed, it takes a long time, but I am happy that I can master many of those tricks in the end.”

Really, I feel very happy to hear the flashback story, also about how he lives his life now. “Click”, he said. “As you taught, I used the switch immediately to change the gloomy or dark atmosphere in my mind and feelings as soon as I realized it. I no longer used the switch in reverse to turn off the lights that illuminate my heart and mind.”

“Amazing! You are extraordinary!” I said while praising him. “Thank you very much for what you have given me, whether you realize it or not. I’ve so merged with the affirmations you have shared, and also with the peaceful place that you ask people to create in their minds to become anchors, or to be a source power for the switch button to stabilize and bright the mood and peace. Isn’t that what you taught in the past? “

Really, this is an extraordinary Monday! The matter that I need to follow up on has done, and at the same time has the opportunity to see how someone has changed. Wow! I like Monday!

  • Do you have a special way to lead your feelings and moods?

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  • If you have it, will you share it?

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  1. I have been there and done that. A senior needs to do those things for youngsters who need a change to better their lives. Little does on realise however that in that process one sees changes on oneself. Practice before you preach. Right?

    Dealing with people has always been an issue with me. I am at a stage however where I can pick and choose and those that disturb my peace I leave them alone.

    • Lately, I have contacted quite a number of friends who are willing to help me, and indeed some of the problems are others who need my help. My own problems arouse because I help people, and that is the risk and consequences of something, but those all are valuable lessons as well.

  2. The switch, I wish it could be physical, just flip it and all is right. I employ many different tactics depending on where I am when I need it.

    With family sometimes I fail more, which has been my focus of late. At work, I am more able to control that need for anger.

    At home, though, I still struggle.

    • It is very understandable that controlling emotions, especially anger is not easy. The fire is often too fast to burn than the time available to aware and control it.

      I am somewhat curious about the tactics you use, which are different for use at home and at work. It is very interesting.

      • breathe
        At work, I breathe. It is the one that works best for me, to stop and breathe. Or, sometimes i use the count to 10.
        I always look at the things I write at work and here on Virily and I step back and make sure that if I hit send, I would accept the message well myself.
        I also try and apply why would someone say that rule. I find that there are people here, that feel they can say anything in PM’s and honestly I discard interactions with people like that.

        those are three tools I use.

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