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I can’t help myself bragging about my sunflower garden. Well, it wasn’t planned to be like this, but after series of heavy rains, only my sunflowers endured enough to flourish. Unlike my cherry tomatoes, that were completely destroyed by cruel weather, sunflowers managed to overcome all the difficulties they were faced with during their growing period. Besides weather circumstances, there were my playful, yet reckless dogs, who really liked to rush through my garden, while chasing each other. Or cats that liked to sunbath in it, preferably lying down on the newly grown plants. As you can see, the life of my sunflowers wasn’t easy at all….

Some plants (unfortunately) were destroyed in the process, but those who survived are the real sight for the sorrow eyes. And more. Sunflowers have always been my favorite flowers. That’s maybe because I’m leo, but it also may be because I prefer yellow flowers. Besides their beauty, they are useful, too. Dried and baked sunflower seeds one of the most favorite snack here, although I prefer pumpkin seeds. That’s why I am going to give all my sunflowers to my nephew. He has a parrot and if he gives all to the bird, it might grow to a size of a turkey. Just kidding, of course. πŸ˜€

  • Do you like sunflowers?

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    • No
    • I don’t know
  • Have you ever eaten baked sunflower seeds?

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    • No
    • No, but I would like to
  • Do you see a bee on the flower?

    • Yes, I can see it!
    • No
    • I see only one bee

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