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Strange paradox

There is a strange paradox that when we do things we absolutely do not love, we just reason in our minds that everything is okay. Even if we earn more, that money is very easy to get out. And yet in such strange ways! When we do what we love, get paid for it, we invest it in the things that grow us and our environment. Then we are less willing to impress others and more willing to show attention to ourselves and those we love.

If unloved work is paying much more, then we start eating more, we buy more beautiful shoes, fashionable clothes to just compensate for all the stress that we put on, we need to spend more time on vacation, rest, escape, relax, which is also a cost.

In the meantime, the one we love adds to us, inspires us to work even more interestingly, and we flow in love and warmth, we feel fulfilled, honest with ourselves. We no longer want to lie to others, to be better than we are. We seem to be standing firmly on the ground.

And yes, i know the difference as worked both work I hated and work I love. 

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