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It"s no matter whether your glass is full or empty…

What will the day be like today? The one I decide. As someone wisely said, no matter whether your glass is full or empty, be glad you have it at all.

If I am not successful, I will say that this is a glove thrown by evil destiny that I must playfully take and courageously face in a duel. If the gifts of fortune fall, I will be most grateful. If I run out of money, I’ll pretend that “no-money” adorns the artistic personality I hope I am – after all, I am jokingly saying and saying that poverty and boredom are some of the greatest teachers of life and stimulants of creativity.

If life makes me smile, I won’t save smiles. If the tears come, I will let myself cry and maybe give myself a little self-pity, but only for a very short time. If I want to get lazy, I’ll do it – I haven’t been sleeping and tidying up at home since six in the morning, and I can have a rest for one or two hours. If I want some champagne, this is a great opportunity for me today – we are all alive and well and it’s weekend.

If I want to buy a one-way ticket, I will have to turn my head for a long time where would I want to get stuck. But maybe I know.

When life starts to become sad or shows its gray side, or I just want to escape reality, I often dream of living for half a year in an abandoned Venice. I  can even see how it looks, I smell its smell, hear the history of the house that is trying to tell me the 17th-century floor’s boards creaking beneath my feet, supported by long, heavy gold-damask curtains… I am even beginning to like exquisitely antique glass chandelier, overloaded with details. While it’s still a mystery to me, how to remove the dust from those glass flowers, tubers and elaborate curls without fail. And won’t that chandelier really fall on my head – how does this amazing but unknown glass cacophony hang in the ceiling at all?

I realize that I am dreaming here too long sitting in the terrace because the evening is cold enough. Anyway, any day is going as we want it to. 

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  1. I truly believe that we can be the masters of our own destiny. Look how it worked out for me. I chose to give up on a bad marriage and do what my mom wanted to bring her back to her homeland and in Latvia met my soul mate. Then when he passed I knew it was time to head for home the U.S.


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