What matters to us?

There is such a paradox. The more you rush and run seeking and getting something, the more you lose. You lose your sense of self, your connection to nature and your loved ones, and you just become blind to simple things. 

I think life in the technology age is partly good, it offers opportunities and that is cool. But, for God’s sake, we should stop being slaves to them and try less to prove things and to create some kind of a successful person, usually created by media channels, media, and television.

That feeling of loneliness, I think, comes because we lose our sense of certainty with our surroundings and loved ones. These are the people we grew up with and the relationships with them have changed many times as we grew.

Whatever the pleasures of the global world, I believe that nothing can replace the certainty that we can create with ourselves and the people that matter to us.

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